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  The wheels are in motion to replace Big Government with Big Guns, Big Business, and Big Religion. 

  • 40 million is raised for the Inauguration party from companies with issues pending before the federal government that include reducing standards and regulations on fuel economy, emissions, nicotine, and energy.
  • The dark reign begins with a dark rain falling upon the inauguration ceremony like the tears of 40% of Americans who believe the new President to be illegitimate.
  • The "Uniter not a Divider" proposes to unite church and state by allocating public funds to religious charities and promises to divide students between public and private schools via school "vouchers."
  • The Independent media continues to document missing votes in Florida while Republicans document missing "W's from White House keyboards.


  • Bush claims his tax cut would allow the average family "to purchase a DirecTV satellite, with all the premium packages." Many will continue to go without health care, however, under Bush's plan more will be able to tune into the health channel. 
  • While many Americans struggle with gas and heating bills, Bush promises billions in tax cuts to his buddies in the oil industry despite them having record profits. He also seeks to weaken the Patient's Bill of Rights in order to protect his pals in the health industry who had record revenues of more than one trillion dollars.
  • It took less than 1 month for Jr. to play with his new toys -- sending 24 planes to bomb his dad's arch-enemy, Saddam Hussein. Iraq vows to retaliate. Heaven help us all!


  • To the delight of major credit card companies (Bush's largest campaign contributors), Bush backs bankruptcy laws to prevent the consumers they screwed from screwing them back.
  • Based on a study of the over-votes, the Palm Beach Post reports that in their county Gore would have earned 10 times more votes than he needed to overcome Bush and win the Presidency. Even if they are only 11% correct -- Gore would have won!


  • It's official. The corporations got their political paybacks and shortly the voter's will get theirs. All those who sold their souls for a tax cut will get a $300 rebate.


  • As many warned, the U.S. budget surplus is less than expected (43% less) and it looks like Jr. will get caught with his hands in the Social Security cookie jar to make up for his tax cuts for the rich. Of course, if Florida hadn't screwed up, Al Gore would have used a "lock box" instead of a "cookie jar".

Sept-Aug 02:

Bush's contributions to one of the worst years in American history:

  • Bush inherits a plan from the Clinton administration to take out the Al Queda network but does not act on it. It conflicts with  his interest in an oil pipeline in the region. He receives a variety of warnings regarding upcoming terrorist plans, including the use of commercial airliners as weapons, but is not concerned -- he and his family fly Air Force One. Instead of beefing up homeland security, he focuses on the multi-billion dollar Star Wars missile defense system for "a galaxy far far away".
  • Bush receives word that a hijacker has crashed a commercial airliner into the WTC but continues to read children's stories to a bunch of elementary school students for another 25 minutes, probably because he was just getting to the good part.
  • Bush delivers a good speech after the attack (entirely written by other people except for "God Bless America") and for the rest of the year he does little more than repeat cowboy phrases like "gonna smoke em out" and "he can run but he can't hide" while reducing the complex social/political/economic/religious issues in the Middle East to a comic book theme of "Freedom" versus the "Axis of Evil." In July he refers to an Arizona wildfire as "Evil" as he continues to apply the term to anything he doesn't like or understand.
  • Regarding getting Bin Laden, Bush quips "I'm not gonna fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt." True to Bush's claim, there have been no reports of camel casualties in Afghan this year, however, it is estimated, that his  bombing campaign has resulted in the deaths of more civilians than on 9/11.
  • Bush's tobacco industry buddies successfully lobby to remove matches and lighters from the list of banned airline carry-on items. A terrorist tries to light a shoe-bomb during a flight.
  • Bush receives excellent poll ratings for his 9/11 performance despite the fact that were it not for him bombing Iraq in his first month in office, kissing-up to Israel, snubbing the U.N. and the world, and generally being an arrogant, unilateral, super-power monger, 9/11 may just have been another day on the calendar. If Gore or Nader were President, perhaps Al-Queda would not have pulled the trigger on their desperate plan and the terrorist trained pilots may have ended up flying commuter planes for Palestinian Airlines instead of buying a one way ticket to the WTC.
  • Fueled by his favorable "war-time" ratings and his hatred for the man who once tried to have his father assasinated, Jr. made up his mind to destroy Saddam Hussein at all costs. "All costs" include the lives of thousands of civilians, a death blow to the U.S. economy, strained relationships with U.S. allies, risking further destability in the Middle East, disregarding the Constitution which calls for a declaration of War, and creating many more little America haters that will grow up to be terrorists. Though Colin Powell plays along like a good soldier, many in Bush's own party oppose an Iraq war. And mysteriously, Bush's long time first mate Karen Hughes abandons ship just before "Ahab" sets out for his "white wale" (you know the Moby Dick story -- one man and a big fish, both corrupted, both bent on vengeance, that ends with the captain beckoning all to their doom. In a strange irony, on the last page of chapter one, the author, Herman Melville writes, "Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United States ... BLOODY BATTLE IN AFGHANISTAN.")
  • It takes the U.S. CEO little over a year and a half to oversee the transformation of a healthy economy and multi-trillion dollar national surplus to an economic recession, massive deficit and crashing stock market. Traders on Wall Street coin the phrase "fading the President" which means to short the market whenever he makes a speech on the economy. A double dip recession in the shape of a "W" looms ahead.

SEPT 02:

  • a BBC investigation estimates that Gore was robbed of about 22,000 votes when Kat Harris and Jeb Bush paid a company $4 million dollars to compile the names of 57,000 National felons (half of whom were Black) and then had any voter with the same name removed from the Florida voting registrar even though they were told the list was 97% invalid. Example, if there were 300 Tom Coopers in Florida they were all nixed. Now, 2 years later the voters have yet to be reinstated and voting machines are still not working right in Black communities.
  • It turns out there was a propaganda alliance between "W's" dad and Kuwait to fabricate Iraq atrocity stories to sell the first Iraq war to the public and Congress, including a tearful testimony from a Kuwaiti diplomat's daughter who said she witnessed Iraqi troops pull babies from incubators and leave them on the floor to die. As a result the Gulf War initiative squeaked by in Congress by a few votes.

OCT 02:

  • The White House withholds the information that N. Korea has atomic weapons until after the Congress votes on Iraq because they know that the only difference between Iraq and N. Korea is that N. Korea has NUKES and Iraq has OIL.


  • Bush mounts an opposition to a college's affirmative action even though his own college admission was based on preferential treatment.
  • After France received a standing ovation at the U.N. by speaking out against military action, our Congress retaliated by voting to change French Fries to Freedom Fries on the congressional dining room menu. 


  • So it begins -- with an assassination attempt on Iraq's leaders hours before Bush's 48 hour deadline to surrender:
    - Guided missiles delivered by the misguided, inspiring new terrorists in the name of fighting terrorism.
    - Dictating a countries new government in order to remove a dictator.
    - Using weapons of mass destruction to prevent weapons of mass destruction from being used (our generals like to boast that their shiny new million dollar bombs are so precise that they can put them through any window they choose, however, they don't mention that regardless which window you put one through, the whole building blows up like a twin tower. Multiply that by thousands of bombs in a city of 5 million people).

    For almost a year Bush preoccupied the nation with Iraq even though the country never threatened the US nor has the nuclear capability to do so (both of which N. Korea are guilty of). He spent months training US citizens to make an imaginary mental connection between 9/11 terrorism and Iraq even though the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. Months of feigning an interest in diplomacy at the UN despite the fact that any level of Iraqi capitulation would not prevent us from striking while the weather was nice for an invasion. But even a share in the spoils of war (or I should say, the oils of war) could not entice more than 3 nations to take an active role in the bloodshed. 

    The one thing the world's citizens agree on now is that Saddam Hussein is not as dangerous as George W. Bush --A man who believes he is doing God's work while ignoring the Pope's plea for peace, and who believes he must finish his father's battle even though his father expressed his own reservations about using military force without UN approval. The ultimate irony is that we will win the battle, but lose the war on terrorism. Sure, we secured the oil fields and will replace the government of one country. But G.W. Bush bullied the U.N. and trashed the good will of the US in the process. The right US leader would strengthen the UN and make it a real force in dealing with the world's many corrupt dictators and human rights violators, instead of taking his place among them.

  • Guess which company won the lucrative contract to put out Iraq oil fires, without any bidding? Halliburton, of course. Cheney's old company, from which he is still receiving checks.

to be continued. . .