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 Top Ten Lies
 of Election 2000

 Supreme Injustice
 (a disturbing Q&A)
 Election Irregularities
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 GOREy details)

 I Know What You
 Did in the White House

 I Know What You
 Did in Election 2004

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Scary Music
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Scary 30 Seconds
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"More chills than I Know What You Did In Texas" [the DNC]

"Superb acting job by supporting cast James Baker, Karen Hughes, and Dade protesters, but G 'dubya' Bush stole the show. Despite losing the popular vote, the controversial ending has him elected President via a few hundred votes in a state where his brother is Governor, his Party Campaign Chair certifies the winner, and a recount is blocked by a judge his father appointed, whose son is a partner in the legal firm representing him. GOP ticket buyer's got their money's worth but American taxpayer's should get a full refund!"

"Harris's Indecent Proposal to certify the votes shows a Fatal Attraction to partisanship that may convince Jeb Bush to advance her career the Same Time Next Year." [Dowd, NY Times]

"It’s got all the ingredients—a mysterious electoral college, weird tabulating procedures, missing ballots, lawsuits—as well as photogenic lead characters." [Variety]

democratic line
This story reminds us "we must never give up the fight for the bedrock principle of our democracy that every vote counts and every vote should be counted." [DNC Chair Joe Andrew]

election 2004  Gore in 2004?
democratic candidate Al Gore   

"I regret I didn't get the chance to stay and fight for the American people over the next 4 years, especially those who need burdens lifted and barriers removed, and who feel their voices have not been heard. I heard you and I will not forget." [Al Gore 12/13/2000]

GOP Classics

Walking brain dead
attack a canvassing
board in a small
southern town.

DNC Releases

from the creator
of Billy Jack

Jesse Jack 'keeps
hope alive' for
voters in a small
southern town.

Ralph Nader
The Grinch
Who Spoiled
The Election,

A Green Party
candidate steals
voters in GoreVille

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