(Sample) Introduction Letter

  Hi! My name is Melody.
  I am a single woman with good health
  seeking a male match.  I was raised in
  Chicago and I have a college degree.
  My race is mixed and my heritage is
  mixed.  My religion is Christian
  and I'm politically liberal.
In order of importance, these are my traits & interests:
  (Personality) playful, romantic, warm hearted
  (Philosophies) idealistic, optimistic, rebellious
  (Social Groups) creative people, down-to-earth types, intellectuals
  (Goals) self-improvement, serenity, knowledge
  (Educational Interests) Journalism, Political Science, Technology
  (Interest Groups) Science Fiction, cats, football
  (Viewing Interests) movies, educational TV, theatre
  (Athletic Activities) bicycling, hiking, water sports
  (Hobbies) animals, art-creating, cooking, computers
  (Musical Tastes) alternative, R&B, classical, jazz
  (Eating Habits) Asian foods, Hispanic foods, health foods
  (Shows/Writers/Artists) The Daily Show, Stephen King, Sting

I am 29 years old, 5' 6" tall, and proportionate in weight.
My eyes are brown and my hair is curly brown.
Among my most attractive features are my eyes and legs.
I have no dependent kids, I don't smoke, and I am a light drinker.
My field of work is medical professional.

[additional notes -- not used in matching]
I am shy at first, but when I come out of my shell, watch out! Not
looking for someone I can live with, I'm looking for the one I can't
live without. Make me laugh and I'll follow you anywhere!

Yours Truly,
Melody in New York , N.Y.
east region of the United States