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Dating Site Guide for Liberal Democratic Singles

Single Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Greens, Animal Rights and Environmental Activists
should consider the following before using online dating, personal ads or match-making sites:

  1. This World, and Relationships are Hard. You deserve some peace & harmony. We believe we should all work and play and govern together every day; but to be truly happy, progressives should live their life with a liberal heart.

    * A study of 5,000 U.S. couples found, "political attitudes were the strongest shared trait among
       spouses -- higher than looks or personality." We instinctively "seek a mate who is a kindred spirit
       with regard to politics."-Journal of Politics.
    * A 2017 study found "1 in 10 couples ended relationships over political disagreements."

  2. What You Need is a safe, practical way to screen, evaluate, and communicate with potential partners from a selection of the most qualified candidates. We provide those tools and a headstart in a community of singles with shared ideals and similar priorities.

  3. Who You Do Business with can be as important as who you vote for. It may matter to you that:
    * A matchmaking service promoting "harmony" is run by an Evangelical conservative who has
       rejected applications based on member's "lifestyle preferences."

    * A "blue state" dating site ran a "red state" site that suggested,"no one should have to date a liberal!"
    * A large corporation brands sites for democratic people, republican people, senior people, etc.

    We are a small business with a liberal agenda. Your FREE membership helps us grow. If you upgrade, 10% is donated to charity and up to 60% goes to the progressive organization that referred you.

  4. How Private is their Privacy Policy? Dating sites have become Big Business -- increasingly monopolized by large corporations with aggressive marketing tactics to ever maximize share-holder profits. Their "Privacy Policy" allows them to share your info with affiliated companies (any company can "affiliate" with them!) Also, their fine print may allow them to use your browsing and search history, and even communications with members!  Our database only requires profile data for matchmaking. We do not share your data with any other company, our site and service is ad free, and your communications are private.

  5. Don't over expose yourself. Dating sites may let anyone browse your photo and profile, and that may include your neighbors, co-workers, and employer even if they are not members! We do not require your real name, address or phone # and you can correspond without sharing your email address. Only your top matches will know you're a "liberal vegetarian single democrat in NY who supports animal rights and Elizabeth Warren." And because your matches must qualify and score high in compatibility, they're likely to be just like you.

  6. Don't fall for a Photo that a dating site or member may use as bait. MSNBC reported that "Two of the three women [their reporter] Donald tried to contact through a top personal ad website, turned out to be fakes." Even real photos are a problem. Since typical dating sites permit "browsing," the most attractive ads are flooded with email and the rest have their most important assets overlooked. We make compatibility the first priority, not picture quality, by only allowing members to view the photos of matches who meet each other's qualifications and score highest in compatibility.

    date a liberal democratic single
    (Warning: If you are compelled to click on the first pretty face you see in this ad,
    you are in danger of becoming a contributor to the 58% divorce rate!)

  7. Personal Ads may get you attention if you know a few good lines, but most often result in wasted time when both parties discover their differences. With our system, you don't have to be a great writer to stand out. Our progressive match technology allows members to screen and score each other using up to 150 interests, preferences, and priorities. To try to evaluate as many people in your social circles would take a lifetime.

  8. Match-making Makes Sense to help sort through thousands of singles' profiles -- as long as you are in control. Typical matchmaking services rely on the value judgments of the program designer. Our system allows you to program your perfect match yourself in 3 dimensions in 3 minutes - what you like, how much you like it, and how important it is in relation to everything else!

  9. Don't put your Faith in Questionable Questionnaires! Our application asks for simple responses that don't try to evaluate you psychologically or tempt anyone to exaggerate (e.g. rate your looks, income etc.) There are no "best answers" so you can expect meaningful match results.

  10. Services may claim Large Memberships but don't clean out their database of members who change their email address, lose interest, etc.. We regularly verify member's email addresses, ask members to cancel if they are no longer interested, and purge our member database.

  11. If you Send a Message, will it be Read? Most singles services have you send and receive messages in a mailbox at their site. However, after a few weeks most users stop returning to the site and their messages are unread. We forward email messages directly to your match's regular email address so they are most likely to read it.

  12. There are no 100% Free Dating Services. They charge for something, hound you with ads, or both. We send you a Free Match Report of your most compatible matches. Then, you continue to receive free matches anytime you qualify for someone else's report and they send you a message. And you can reply Free. Optionally, you can order your own weekly match reports for $1 per match.

  13. If you sign up for monthly billing, will you get monthly results? Or like your monthly health club fee, you stop going but keep paying? Our members order matches manually. We used to offer auto-recurring billing. We made a lot more money, because people would forget. We don't want to make money that way.

  14. Who we are: The developer of our match technology and Founder has been a fundraiser and activist for civil rights, human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection since Election 2000. We've endorsed progressive candidates, including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and have been interviewed by progressive media outlets, including The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and NPR.
    We are dedicated to helping liberal hearted singles unite, and perhaps multiply, so we can eventually
    do something about ending endless wars, global warming, social injustice and income inequality.

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