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How It began:
partisan politics was born out of the great political divide of Election 2000. I was teaching Computer Science at the time and was relieved my students hadn't seen my passionately partisan remarks on the local news or my iKnowWhatYouDidLastElection site online. Though president 43 said he'd be a "uniter, not a divider," I knew liberals would only find comfort in each other's arms. I launched the world's first political dating site the next year. -- LH Founder

Our Mission: We are dedicated to helping liberals and progressives unite and multiply so that we may eventually put an end to endless wars, animal and environmental abuse, and social and economic injustice.

Our Contest: Who Wants To Be First Lady?

liberal democratic date
Gina & Kucinich    AP Photo: Jim Cole
11/03 WorldNetDaily - " is asking single women:
'Do you have what it takes to be presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's first lady?'" Associated Press - "The Web site will fly the winner to New Hampshire for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant with Kucinich, who agreed to the date. The candidate is vegan."
12/03 MSNBC aired a debate between the finalists. 20,000 voted.
 6 hours later, CNN announced that Gina Marie won with 52% of the vote.
They contemplated America's future and each other for about an hour and exchanged numbers. Word is, her boyfriend back home proposed 2 weeks later. So we'll still take credit for another LiberalHearts love story!

Our Motto: Opposites attract, but LiberalHearts live happily ever after...

liberal democratic match CBS News, February 13, 2015
"Deborah and Jim are living proof of the powers of political alignment. They met in 2004 on
"She said her interests were fishing and camping and things like that, which I wasn't really interested in," Jim told CBS News. "But I felt I had to reply to someone who also agreed with Ralph Nader." Deb agreed. They've been together ever since."

Our Legacy: (excerpts from some emails we received)

liberal democrat match   [2 weeks after we launched our service, Lori received this match]  "It was an INCREDIBLE match! My very first, free match. We've corresponded now for a month and it's as if our souls have become one." - Lori   [Months later, she sent us this update]  "We are planning to be married next year. Your service has found for me what I thought was only a myth -- true love."  - Lori

  "9th anniversary"   "Jim was one of my first matches... Political views were an important factor...We will celebrate our 9th anniversary next year! Thanks for a wonderful husband and happy life! - Debbie

  "the most wonderful feeling"   "We had fallen very deeply for each other, prior to meeting -- for what we saw in each other was our minds and philosophies.  We have plans to be married and are happier than we've ever been in our entire lives, and it is all because of your wonderful service. It is the most wonderful feeling we have ever known!"  - Pam

  "spring wedding"   "I have met the man of my dreams. We both came up as each others perfect match in a lot of areas and live within a few miles of each other!!  We are planning our spring wedding." - Ann & Oliver

  "in awe"   "I am still in awe at what was made possible! We met in May and are now engaged to be married in November. We both think our meeting was a miracle."  - Sandy 

"skeptic"   "I truly believe I have found what I am looking for on the first try. I only wish that other skeptics out there could read my letter. Your service could be a turning point for them. It has been for me." - Dennis

  "first match"  "Thank you thank you I have met the most wonderful man, in fact he was the very first match you sent, We are in love and plan to spend the rest of our lives together."  - Agnes

progressives "Couldn't Be Happier"
"Tim and I were married June 11! I cannot thank you enough for finding my soulmate. I didn't believe there could be a match so perfect. Place us in your "Couldn't Be Happier" category!"  
- Laura and Tim

  "the reading of the matches"  "I was hesitant but intrigued. Now, I have to say it opened up a whole new world for me! You introduced me to more compatible men in the last month than I met in the last 3 years. I've had fascinating email conversations with some of them and actually went on a date with my very first match! We had a great time and will surely be good friends! I eagerly look forward to my new matches each week (I have two female coworkers who come into my office every Friday for the "Reading of the Matches!"). I am deeply grateful to you for providing such a needed service to so many busy, selective, and discriminating people like myself." - Jenn

  "found my soulmate"    "Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL match you helped create. I have found my soul mate. You will not need to try to match me with anyone else.  I am happy and satisfied."  - Larry
progressive couple      "www stands for We Were Wed"   " "We both just wanted a Pen-Pal following traumatic divorces. However, we fell in love through e-mails, phone calls, and snail mail. We were married on July 1st. An article was published in our local newspaper!"   
- Harriet and Michael

  "match made in heaven"   "I found my perfect mate. We have the same likes and dislikes. After just a couple of days we both knew we had found a match made in heaven."  - Linda

  "extraordinary set of experiences"   "I have had a most extraordinary set of experiences with several of the women I have met through this program, including one woman who may yet prove to be the partner I end up with permanently."  - Stuart

  "beyond barriers"   "cancel my subscription (he's on the airplane and headed my way as I write). You are providing a great service that reaches beyond barriers. I am recommending your website to all I know."  - Victoria

"pinching myself"   "I have found my soulmate on the first matchup!  I'm still pinching myself!"  - Susan
democratic match "fantabulous"
"Here is our wedding photo...we do look happy don't we?
Thanks again and good luck with the very fantabulous website!"
- Marie and Timothy

  "3 miles from me"    "I met someone who lives about 3 miles from me. She was born in the same hospital as me and grew up in the same town.  We have a lot in common, it's amazing how much. Thank you for helping me find the person I've been looking for my whole life."  - Jim

  "2,000 miles away"   "Your service works!  I am now engaged to a wonderful woman who lives 2000 miles away.  The secret is communication...we passed about 600 emails between us before she flew to San Diego to meet me.  From the time she walked off the plane, it was as if we had known each other for a 100 years."  - Ernie

  "a story to tell our grandchildren"   "I met someone with whom I share an incredible degree of compatibility and with whom a very potent closeness has developed very quickly. You have given us a story we will be able to tell our grandchildren."  - Conall

[and now, a few notable match failures]
liberal vs conservative      "thanks but no thanks"   "The match you sent is a person I couldn't stand in school.
you couldn't have matched up two people that disliked each other more. She made my life miserable for 10 years. I thought this only happened in movies.
thanks but no thanks."  - David

  "thanks for nothing"   "you matched me with my ex-wife....I called her. she won't go out with me.... LOL... she is good at saying no.... I listened to it for 18 years... LOL"   - Ken   

If you find your "politically correct" match, email us your love story...

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